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Cheraderm 10 Cream

Specific treatment for serious or moderate skin dryness

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Cheraderm 30 Cream

Cheraderm 30 Cream is a specific treatment for skin dryness and localised hyperkeratosis. It is recommended to help xerosis, ichthyosis and psoriasis

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Cutiseb Cream

Cutiseb Cream helps treat seborrheic dermatitis

New product with polydatin 🌿

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CUTISEB LOTION is particularly indicated for the treatment of the scalp and hairy areas. Useful as an adjunct in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis.

New product with polydatin 🌿

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Eozync Cream

Eozync cream improves the aesthetic appearance and visible conditions of skin undergoing medical treatment for localised skin problems.

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Kuperos Cream

KUPEROS Cream reduces and prevents skin imperfections typical in sensitive and couperose prone skin (erythrosis, telangiectasias, burning).

New product with polydatin 🌿

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Micodet Ph 4.5

Micodet pH 4.5 is an active detergent specifically for cleansing the skin and scalp. It acts as an adjuvant in case of specific dermatological treatments.

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Neo Criloidin Mask

Neo Criloidin Mask is a product recommended for a deep cleansing of seborrheic and acne prone skin.

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Prodea Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil Hypoallergenic formula designed for maximum tolerability. Recommended for the daily treatment of dry, sensitive skin and skin undergoing medical treatment.

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Prodea Hydra Corpo

Moisturising cream Hypoallergenic formula designed for maximum tolerance. Recommended for daily treatment of dry, sensitive skin and skin undergoing medical treatment.

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Radio Skin2

Dermo-normalising Emulsion
Reduces skin problems caused by Radio-oxidative stress

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ZETA UNO 30 Pasta

Pasta all’ossido di zinco 30% arricchita con vitamina E, ad azione barriera, lenitiva e rigenerante.